Punch (Focus) Mitts and Targets

Retro Focus Mitt

Very light (185g) focus mitts with shaped high density shock absorbent foam padding. Made of heavy genuine cow hide leather. Mitt shape provides exce...


Hook and Jab Mitts

Genuine top quality leather. Extra thick (ca. 7 cm) padding to prevent wrist injuries.


Coach Spar Mitts

- Made of genuine leather.
- Traditional focus mitt with fiberglass protected thumb.
- Double strapped


KO Main Event Belly Pad

This belly pad is a great tool when training your fighters:

  • while your fighter is practicing hitting the focus mitts he can go to the body ...


KO Main Event Chest Guard

Made of artificial leather with durable one inch thick polyurethane padding. For use in Tae Kwon Do or Karate. Nylon strapping with special clips for ...


KO Main Event Curved Punch Mitts

Made of thick genuine leather. Wide wrist strap for added suport and comfort helping to prevent twistings and tilting of mitt while wearing. Design h...


KO Main Event Revolution Punch Mitt

- Made of genuine 3mm Grade A leather.
- Dense foam padding for additonal hand and wrist protection.
- Absorbs impact while reducing injury ...


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