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Protective Equipment

Leather Headguard
Leather Headguard

AIBA approved (sticker included)
- Made with Grade A Leather
- Patented one piece molded Bay Fill padding, just like our to...


Headguard Avant Garde
Headguard Avant Garde

The Latest from TOP TEN! The world famous head guard in a modern,new design. This new head guard is not made of an experimental material. It is made o...


Headguard Olympia Competition "Fight" - AIBA
Headguard Olympia Competition "Fight" - AIBA

The official head guard of the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta and Sydney 2000. Made of super shock absorbent Bayflex. ...


Training Headguards
Training Headguards

Head guards with extra cheekbone protection. Full chin protection available for reduced knock-outs.


Face Shield (Plastic)
Face Shield (Plastic)

Made of virtually indestructible polycarbon, this mask enables a fighter with a face injury to continue his trainig. Allows 100% vision and doesn't fo...



"We put our money where your mouth is."
All Sport Master Mouth Guard
The world's most advanced features:
- Improved Mould
- Firmer F...


Gel-Shock Quick Wrap

Save your wrists, save your knuckles. 2mm neopreme with 8mm gel-padded knuckles. 250cm long stretch wrap with velcro closing.


Hand Wraps - TOP TEN

Made of poly/cotton blend material, these hand wraps meet the AIBA international rules specifications (2.5 m long, 5 cm wide) With thumb loop and velcro.


Training Hand Wraps (KO Main Event)

Extra long to protect wrists and hands better. 4.5 meters (180inches).


Boxer Style Groin and Lower Abdomen Protector

Boxer Style groin and abdomen protector with kidney protection and containing a hard plastic cup.
Made of durable genuine leather.


Groin and Lower Abdomen Protector

Made of Bayflex (Same as TOP TEN Head Guard) This item can withstand over 100.000 blows without any reduction in protection. Can be worn on the inside...

No Price

Shin Guard

High quality shinguard with first class protection. Made of Bayflex (same as Top Ten headguard) with adjustable Velcro straps. The shock absorbency wi...


Shin Guard Vinyl

Pre-shaped, high density foam covered with vinyl. Comes with two, wide Velcro straps. Ultra light weight.


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