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Personal Training- 10 week back to fitness program.

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Personal Training - 10 week back to fitness program.

An excellent way to excel in your challenges. One on one sessions are the best way for one to learn the proper way to train, eat and monitor your way back to an excellent health.

A personal trainer will work one on one with you for 10 - 45 minute plus training sessions. An introductory meeting will be made to discuss your goals, current lifestyle, eating habits and health before determining your program for the next 10 schedueled training sessions. You will be provided with a manual  that will assist you in obtaining and monitoring your goals. In your training sessions your trainer will monitor your progress in such areas as heart rate, weight, measurements, strength and felexibility. In addition you will have access to all Class training session at the Top Ten Canada Training facilities for the duration of your 10 week program. At the end of your program you will be provided with a summry of your 10 week program along with tips for maintaining your new health.

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