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How to Eat Smart

Oct 9, 2007

How to Eat Smart.
My best advice for proper nutrition is simple. First......
never DIET. The nature of the word DIET refers to a
temporary fix to short term results. That's a silly idea.
Proper nutrition is a way of life. Period. You should form
good habits. You've heard it before, but check out the
FDA's food pyramid. Eat a ton of fruits and vegetables,
enough carbohydrates to provide you with fuel to get
through your active day, enjoy some lean meat, and make
sure you get enough calcium to keep your bones nice and
strong. As far as treats go, I do not believe that any food
is bad. Hopefully, once you've filled up on the healthy
foods I've listed... you'll be too full to devour an entire
cheesecake. Everything in moderation. A small desert is
fine. You'll know when you've had too much.
Carb/Protein Diets
OK. I've already mentioned that I believe diets are a bad
idea. This is the reasoning for these two in particular.
Although, these two forms of torture have sold a million
books, and believe me... the authors are definitely
laughing their way to the bank; they are theoretically
ridiculous. They sometimes provide quick weight loss, but
most dieters quickly regain their lost weight and then
some. Why? They were temporary fixes. Can you imagine NEVER
eating another piece of bread? Pasta? Rice? How about the
opposite? No chicken, beans, or egg products. I believe
that any time you ditch a major food group... you're
missing out on some important stuff.
The protein diet is simply gross if you ask me. Have as
much beef, fat, butter, and lard as you want...... but
don't you dare touch rice. This leaves the dieter with zero
energy to exercise (how beneficial)! And even worse...
fills him/her with artery clogging grease for as long as
they remain on the diet. Gross. This leads to that fancy
skinny-flabby effect. Nice, very nice.
The all-carb diets are not quite as disgusting, but equally
absurd. Nice. No protein. This will work wonders for the
fitness buff. Lift tons of weights...... but never see any
results. This lovely diet removes the ingredient which
helps your muscles increase in size and strength. As a
bonus (sarcasm), it will do wonders for the person who is
dying to become anemic (iron-deficient) and pass out a lot.
Ummmm.... not a good idea. I know I sound redundant, with
this not a good idea thing. But, I have to tell you that
this diet is really silly. Our goal is to achieve great
fitness, true? This is definitely not the trail to that
finish line. Although fasting is a quick way to cut
calories, it totally blows the idea of fitness. Why? First,
you are deleting your chances of meeting any of your
nutritional needs; vitamins, minerals, etc. Second, you
need FOOD!. Your body relies on food to live. Plus, when
your body does not take in the necessary food, it goes into
emergency crisis mode. It stores its fat in order to
protect you in case you don't get any for awhile. If you
lose weight... its muscle your losing, not fat. Third. If
you don't eat... how are you going to exercise? Where will
you get your energy? You need food. This is definitely the
worst of all the dieting options. Again..... don't diet.

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